Ransomware Effect : Fails to Dent India

Don't "WannaCry" says RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to upgrade the software in order to improve their banking systems which includes their ATM network with a windows security update to protect their system from the malware attack that took place over the weekend.

Ransomware or WannaCry ,raze computer systems in over 150 countries by locking up important data. A Hackers Group 'Shadow Brokers' promised to free up data the informations or data only after getting $300 in terms of bitcoins, meanwhile the spread of this virus has been decreased ,it has affected more than 2 Lakh computers so far.

As of now most bank suggested that they are not infected,but they need to upgrade their systems with latest window patches.Bankers and ATM operators has suggested that ATM should be in isolation ,until they will upgrade their system . This will help the ATM system not to exposed over the internet on which the malware is roaming.

Many ATM system may remain closed for their software updates, because as of now they are vulnerable due to outdated Windows software. Over Sixty percent of the total 2.25 lakh ATM's in our country works on the outdated Windows XP.

According to ATM operators , ATM systems are not suspectible to this attack as there are no data stored inside the ATM systems, at most, it can stop ATM functions.

Microsoft has issued a special patch for the Windows XP, although this version is no longer serviced by Microsoft. A Bank official quoted that this is a rare occasion that Microsoft has given an update for their outdated product.

According to reports , no banks has been affected by Ransomware. However,there is a sign of infection of two South-Indian banks, but there is no confirmation about this issue from the RBI on the same.

On May 15 by Sudeep